Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Blocker
  • Community
  • Epic
    memri / iOS client for Memri
  • Good first issue
    Good issue for a developer that is new to the project / technology
  • Help wanted
    Issues where community contributions would be especially helpful. If you're looking for easy-to-start issues, check "Good first issue" label instead
  • Indexers
  • ME: Platform
  • ME: Support Services
  • Marketing
  • S:AP from meeting
    Source: Action Point from a meeting
  • S:Bug
    Source: Bug.
  • T: Next Sprint
    Next Sprint issues, that is, issues you'll be working on in the next 2-week sprint.
  • T:Doing
    Issues that you already started and will be working on today or next working day. For broader scope, use "ThisSprint" label or no label. For already finished issues, use "Ready For Release" label.
  • T:Ready for Release
    Features that will be released in the next release of the relevant project. After each sprint or week this list should be cleared, completed and released issues are closed.
  • T:Review
    Issues that already got an initial implementation and are now waiting for review
  • T:This Sprint
    This Sprint issues, that is, issues you'll be working on in the current 2-week interval. Broader issues should have no label, and issues that you already started working on should instead have "Doing" label.
  • To Do
    memri / iOS client for Memri
  • customer-interviews
  • performance
  • security